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The Team

Meet The Team


Felipe is a lawyer specializing in communications strategy and policy.  He has advised governments and civil society, drafted legislation and regulations, developed and implemented programs for projects across North and South America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.  His expertise includes crafting narratives targeting policymakers and key opinion leaders.  Prior to founding Sonder, Felipe worked for UNODC, UNIDO, FIFA and other multinational companies.  Felipe also speaks French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Felipe Martinez Amaral


Chief Growth Officer


Lea Dumagat

Lea is a Filipino transplant and long-time resident of New York City.  For over a decade, she has worked extensively with international organizations in New York, Geneva, Paris, Rome and Washington DC representing companies and NGOs in global policymaking venues.  Lea’s expertise includes providing insight and strategic advice towards effective advocacy, building stakeholder base, and identifying mutually beneficial partnerships.   She holds a Master of Arts degree in International Affairs from the New School’s Graduate Program in International Affairs focusing on socio-economic development.


Chief Executive Officer



Costa Esteves Coutinho



Public Policy Lead, Human Rights lawyer with 10+ years of experience in the environmental, climate and socioeconomic issues, civil society and technology sector, being responsible for the engagement with government officials, regulators, think tanks, civil society organizations and policy influencers in the world, and for formulating and implementing strategies to influence and shape legislative initiatives and regulation that may impact the above sectors.

Her work on formulating strategies for the diverse sector is based on a comprehensive analysis of the impacts that may be faced by the sector and by the government, vis-à-vis the best practices adopted worldwide. 

She is a strategic and collaborative team-player, result-driven, and detail-oriented professional, leading global projects in conjunction with cross-functional teams in the organization to deliver high and positive impact for the company. 
Graduated in Law at Universidade Salvador (2011). Master’s in Human Rights and Democracy from the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (2015). PhD in government and international affairs at Durham University UK(2020).


At Sonder, we believe in building cooperation and influence to provide opportunities and find optimal solutions to your organization and the planet. Sonder Standards are our core values and what we believe should be at the origin at every tailor made approach we develop.

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