Our goal is to create, accelerate and implement collaboration among companies, governments, and civil society to tackle public policy issues.

Sounder Sounds

Formatting and coordinating panels,
fire-side chats, webcasts, roundtables, conferences and
moderation, as well as media training and speaking
engagements preparation.

Sounder Advocacy

Lobbying and advisory services, we excel and
multilateral engagement between civil society and government

Sonder Briefings

Discussion papers around policy, political briefings, media briefings and custom made technical papers tailored for your needs.

We’ve helped organizations collaborate, learn, and adapt as they develop innovative solutions to a wide range of technical areas, from illicit trade to global health, from transparent communications to supporting international trade.


We’ve worked across the globe to help structure outcome-oriented partnerships that amplify impact and get results faster and at lower cost.

Key Capabilities

Policy and Communications Lobbying

and Advisory services

Media Engagement and Communications

SDGs technical programming

Partnership with Civil Society

Workshop Development

Multimedia and Digital Communication Strategies

Employee Engagement

Social Behavior Change Programs and Capacity Building

Multi-stakeholder Engagement

Lean Startup for Social Innovation